Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Marquis De Sade

by Jolly Roger

About twenty years ago, I read the English translation of a book titled "Juliette," which was written by the Marquis De Sade. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone waste their time reading the book, because it was basically 600 pages of anti-moral philosophy mixed in with another 600 pages of insanely violent pornography. Throughout the book, the reader’s morals would be systematically attacked by several pages of this "philosophy," after which the amoral and violent thinking would be reinforced with a few pages of pornographic reward. By the end of this overly long book, many readers would be convinced that anything resembling morality was an abomination in the eyes of nature, and anyone who believed in God, or lived a moral life, deserved to be abused. The Marquis De Sade died in jail, and we owe thanks to his son for burning most of what he had written.
What the Marquis had discovered, is that the human mind is incredibly pliable, and that a person’s assessment of what’s good and what’s evil can be changed. I assume that his goal in writing was to destroy all decency in the world, and although he didn’t succeed, he certainly didn’t fail completely either. Although"Juliette"is an extreme example of an attempt to change someone’s moral standpoint, it serves to illustrate that your opinions concerning what’s right and what’s wrong might be different tomorrow than they were yesterday, unless of course, you posses the strength of character required to resist such influences. I guess that’s why the Ten Commandments had to be burned into stone tablets. If we had to rely on our government to preserve these laws, the word "not" would probably be missing wherever it served their purposes to delete it.
I make this point because I’ve seen a moral transformation in people I’ve known for a long time, and I’ve seen this change in the entire nation as well. Only a few short years ago, torture was completely unacceptable in our society, and was considered so totally barbaric that its practicality never even had to be discussed. It was something that was only done by completely uncivilized people, usually hundreds of years ago, and if anyone practiced it in this century, that fact would be used to completely demonize them, and they would be considered to be inferior humans due to their barbarity. Since that time, we’ve been somehow changed into a nation of many people who sit idly by while those who represent us have people tortured all over the globe, and a nation of many others who actually condone the practice. It doesn’t matter who you voted for, or even that the election process is fraudulent. We’re still allowing these people to hold the office of someone who acts in our behalf.
What’s most disturbing about the incidents of torture that have been in the newspapers is not so much that they happened, but that they were reported in the newspapers. The sad fact is that agents of our government have always practiced torture, in many parts of the world, but they made sure the American people didn’t find out about it.
Today you can read a few pages of the Marquis de Sade in the daily newspapers, and allowing our government’s torture tactics will be rewarded for many people with feelings of justified revenge, and these feelings will be reinforced with acceptance by our new society. This acceptance is very important to humans. We’re a species that has never survived in solitude. We formed tribes since we were cavemen, and nations when our population grew. As cavemen, ostracization meant death. As nations, ostracization has always been used as punishment, or to suppress certain ways of thinking. Human beings have a need to be accepted by the rest of their society, and this need forces them to conform to the common way of thinking. Today, that common way of thinking is delivered by the mainstream media, and it is teaching Americans that inflicting torture upon the enemies of the United States is an acceptable practice. Since they’ve always practiced torture secretly in the past, obviously there must be a reason why they’re now teaching us publically that it’s acceptable.
If you haven’t already guessed why we’re being taught to accept torture, the reason is that they want you to turn a blind eye to the practice when it’s inflicted upon other Americans. Now that we’ve been taught that our enemies should be tortured, anyone can be tortured by simply declaring them to be an enemy. It’s only a matter of time before anyone who disagrees with the actions of our government is branded an enemy, or a terrorist. The political rhetoric might describe how dissenters are hurting the war effort, or aiding terrorism, and possibly even causing stock market declines, but whatever their story, you can expect that torture will soon become common practice in your local police station, and identically to what is happening in Iraq, the cops who sodomize your children to induce you to reveal the names of other dissenters will feel like true patriots for their efforts.
I would like you to address that fact that your moral view might have been changed. If you’re old enough, I would like you to ask yourself how you might have reacted twenty years ago to knowledge that our government was torturing people. If your present reaction is any different that it would have been twenty years ago, you should examine the information you received since then that has caused this transformation. I’m willing to bet that the events of 9-11 had a lot to do with any changes that may have occurred.
I would also like you to consider the simple and obvious difference between good and evil, without allowing that view to be tainted by bigotry, racism, wealth, or nationalism, and to see the actions of men for what they are, rather than judge their actions with regard to who they are. I ask this because it’s the only possible foundation of justice.
The simple and obvious examples I’m asking you to judge are the actions of mass murder, torture, genocide, and the forcible rape of children. I use these examples because they’re impossible to justify in the name of anything good, and I use these examples because they happen to be common practice among people who comprise the majority or our government.
This is not a matter of Republicans verses Democrats, or liberals verses conservatives, or any other non-sensical label the mainstream media uses to keep Americans divided. It matters not whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish , or Atheist. The difference between good and evil is not disputed by any religion, secular humanists, or by any other adult capable of making decisions without the help of anti-psychotic medication.
If you’re well-informed, you know that the behavior of those ruing this nation epitomizes evil, and threatens to bring about the destruction of all that’s decent in the world. If you’ve been duped by the mainstream media, you’ve probably found a way to justify their practices.
Americans need to learn and accept that we’re no longer dealing with a government that responds to our letters, cares how we vote, or fears our protests. What America has arrived at is unbridled fascism, and this type of government doesn’t have a very cheerful history of tolerating political dissent. Regardless of what visible remnants remain of political charades such as justice, equality, and the rule of law, Americans are now living in a place that has nothing to do with why America exists.
I have to ask you once again to return to the basic question of the difference between good and evil, and to make a decision regarding which side of this division you stand on. Either you support the actions of our government, or you support the hope that goodness and decency may someday prevail in this world. There is no middle ground, and since the consequences are so dire, there is no room for apathy . Either you’re part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem.
The U.S. government incites a holy war, while Dr. Griffin unites the religions toward peace. The mainstream media gets rich by deceiving and conditioning the masses, while the impoverished blogger struggles to expose the truth. The murderous agenda of the New World Order advances, but the education of the 9-11Truth Movement disarms them. The poor face oppression and extinction, while the rich squander any hope for the poor, and scoff at all morals and laws.
The world has never been so divided as it presently is, and you should not make the mistake of seeing this division as existing between Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Blacks or Whites. The division that exists is the simple and obvious difference between good and evil, and the only decision anyone has to make is which side they will fight for.
There is a conflict in all people between the temptations of evil and the rewards of goodness, and this conflict is represented in all we create. Whether it be gods, devils, art or literature, the battle between good and evil is always present, because this conflict defines who we are. No one has ever questioned what evil is, but the debate is over whether humans are able to conquer it. While I wouldn’t advise that anyone read "Juliette," one book I would definitely recommend is John Steinbeck’s "East of Eden." Are mere humans able to conquer evil? Timshel.*
Many people might be overwhelmed by the horrors of today’s world, and they may fret over complexities of modern existence, when in fact, the reality is extremely simple. The wages of sin, are death.
My death will prove which side I’m on, because my life will only continue in peace under the provisions and dictates of the Constitution of the United States of America, and anyone who opposes this constitution while holding any office of the United States government is an enemy of mine, who lives in imminent danger of losing his head. — Jolly Roger

"The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.
With patience stands He waiting, with exactness grinds He all." –
Friedrich von Logau

* Thou mayest

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